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Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Enjoy cool air under the scorching heat of summer with this 200ml Portable Air Conditioner. It is equipped with a micro ice-mist water cooling system, achieving 30 seconds of fast cooling with 3.5m/s circulating wind and 5-7℃water input cooling, making it efficient & powerful at the same time.
  • This cooler fan delivers a crisp, smooth, natural-like refreshing breeze up to 5 ft with an incredibly low noise level of under 36 dB even running at the highest wind speed. The speed of the evaporative cooler can be precisely tuned to meet your exact needs. It has a water tank capacity of 200ml that is guaranteed leakproof, and automatically shuts off when it runs out of water.
  • This mini personal cooling fan can be charged using a USB adaptor, easily portable, and storage-friendly. You can put it in your bedroom, baby's room, office or car. Take the small cooling fan with you go camping during the hot summer. This small air conditioner will be your perfect companion during summer.
  • The fan is beautifully designed and is meticulously built. You can use it in different settings, such as indoor and outdoor use. you can also mix your favorite essential oil with the water to keep your room smelling fresh.


  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 175 x 207 x 165 mm
  • Weight: 776g
  • Water Capacity: 200ml
  • Functions: Portable Air Conditioner
  • Power Supply: USB Power Cable


1 x Personal Cooling Fan Portable Air Conditioner

1 x Portable Aircon

1 x USB Cable

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